Open challenge to Ameer of HT to debate after he brands those who differ with him as Munafiqs

The following is the draft translation of an Arabic post by Sheikh Yusuf Shaqeero from Palestine:

Hear this, O Ata Abu Rashta, on Eid instead of seeking harmony and unity you said, “but those who have sickness in their hearts and the hypocrites (munafiqs) and mischievous”… “that they have focused on attacking adoption, Nussrah and Muhasabah (accounting)…” [End quote].

My question to you is, does anyone who disagrees with the party on ‘adoption’ and says that it is haram becomes a Munafiq (hypocrite) and mischievous?

Does anyone who disagrees with the party on the subject of al-Nussrah and says that the ‘seeking of al-Nussrah’ present in the Seerah (biography of the Prophet) is in complete contradiction with what the party says becomes one of those who have a disease in their hearts?

Does anyone who disagrees with the party on the subject of Muhasaba (accounting) and says that Muhasaba (accounting) is not permissible to be held in secret, rather it is obligatory to be undertaken in public… is he one of the hypocrites and the mischievous?

And is the party’s understanding of these things revealed from the seventh heaven??

Aren’t these issues Dhanniya (speculative) which can have a difference of opinion?

If you say that it is not a subject of ikhtilaf (disagreement) where multiple views could exist, then by Allah, you do not deserve a discussion, and rather you should hasten to learn the foundations of Islam, and if you say that they are subject of ikhtilaf, then I do not know how do you describe those who disagree with you that there is a disease in their hearts and that they are hypocrites and mischievious….It is no wonder that this is the manner of your Shebab (followers) whose language is full of hatred against their Muslim brothers just because they disagree with them.

Many of those you describe as hypocrites with a disease in the heart and mischievious have achievements in your party that exceed yours. This is if you have any achievements at all.

Unless we consider the announcement of fasting and the end of fasting as achievements. They had a great role in saving the party after it had been destroyed . And you probably don’t know that your party had really been destroyed, but some people around you are aware of that. Since you were in Salt Prison and all that you sent out of the prison for the party were mere ramblings interpreted by those who went out against the party for their benefit and by those who stayed with the party in their favour. That is, you did not even take a clear stand in the interest of the party, and then you dare to say to those who protected and saved the party that they are diseased, hypocrites, and mischievous.

And listen, O Ata… if those who worked with the party for decades while carrying its flag are hypocrites and mischevious, then how do we know that you are not the master of the charlatans and hypocrites? Do you think that when you describe them as hypocrites, people will trust you and those who continue to work with you??

Tell me, by Allah, is it hidden from you that when you doubt those who were leaders and Masools (responsible) in your party that you are actually doing an act of destroying the party?

And listen, O Ata… that the deterioration of the state of the party among the people is no longer hidden even to ordinary people who are not the followers of the party, so do not think that by using elevated language you can cover that. We are not in the dome of An-Nabigh (the famous poet) in the market of Okaz, so remove this illusion from your imagination if you can, even though I believe that your illusion is chronic and has incapacitated you so much so that it made you forget the fact and the realities.

And listen, O Ata… that you can hardly wake up from a blow and Allah sends another behind it. May you wake up, but every time, unfortunately, you choose to take the path of those who wronged themselves and you keep falling deep into your error and ego instead of standing for a moment and questioning yourself, introspecting on your decisions hoping that Allah guides you to the best of the matters.

And listen, O Ata, that Allah, may He be glorified and exalted, will guide the soldier in the battle, that Allah will guide his arrow, and that Allah will help the bearer of the Dawah. But Allah will not guide and will not help except those who falls on his knees sincerely, begging for His Lords guidance towards the best and I don’t think you are from those who do this, this is what is apparent from you in the perversion of your words and deeds, and I advise you to start doing it. May Allah guide you, and do not incline towards what you usually incline towards, your ego, which is not hidden even for the blind.

And listen, O Ata… it seems to me that you do not know that the party throughout its march has always avoided the public takfeer of the rulers who rule without what Allah has revealed and fight Islam openly but you went beyond that when you described those who disagree with the party in your last statement as Kaafirs (disbelievers). Was this from you for the sake of Islam and to build its concepts or was this a concern for those who assigned to you what to do?

And listen, O Ata… we say to you, not to boast or to prove ourselves, but in the effort towards realizing the truth, we say to you, go ahead, if you have an evidence that you see as preponderant, to a debate and discussion in public in front of the people and entrust whoever you want to discuss with us in any country, provided that the discussion is in public. And we promise that we will follow you, if your argument is proven. So are you among those who follow the truth where it is proven?

We explained Nussrah, adoption and Muhasaba (accounting) based on sharia evidence, and we have not heard from your people except insults, curses and accusations. And every time they trample objectivity with their feet and resort to insults, considering that by doing so they have established the argument, although believe me, they didn’t even touch on what is being put forward.

If you have something that is better than them, then go ahead and tell us about it, and this is a challenge to you and your party openly and publicly. If you are at the level of the challenge then you are welcome. But if you invoke some meaningless mumbles so as to avoid any discussion, then go back to your position, defeated. And know that Allah alone can distinguish between the true Muslim and the Kaafir, so the Muslim is a Muslim before Allah, and the Kaafir is the Kaafir before Allah, and not before you, and the poetry competitions of the Okaz market in the Dome of An-Nabigh do not hold any weight or value today.

Yusuf Shaqeero
12th August 2019



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